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Copying of Filed Documents

Department Policy

Visiting Department:
Copy machines are available for use in making copies of the filed documents during Department's normal business hours. An appointment in advance is highly recommended in order to check the availability of the documents and copy machines.

Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 5 PM
Monday through Friday (except holidays)

Fees: $.05 per page (A double sided page will be charged for both sides.)
No charge for copies up to 100 pages.  Once the copies exceed 100 pages the charge is five cents per page beginning with page 101.

Temp Services:
Also some commercial temp services establishments will agree to come into the Department to copy documents. While the Department cannot refer you to any one particular agency, the following agencies frequently come and make copies for other out of state companies:

Idaho PRR-Kelly England

Personnel Plus

Jason Gomez

208-859-2091 (idahoprr@hotmail.com)

208-378-8700 (Contact: Piper Chase)


Please contact this office if you have any questions concerning this matter.