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Third Party Administrator
Non-Resident Administrator License

§41-912. Nonresident administrator license.

(l) Unless an administrator has obtained a home state license in this state, any administrator who performs administrator duties in this state shall obtain a nonresident administrator license in accordance with the provisions of this section by filing with the director the uniform application, accompanied by a letter of certification. In lieu of requiring an administrator to file a letter of certification with the uniform application, the director may verify the nonresident administrator's home state certificate of authority or license status through an electronic database maintained by the NAIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

(2) An administrator shall not be eligible for a nonresident administrator license under the provisions of this section if it does not hold a license in a home state that has adopted under the provisions of this chapter or a substantially similar law governing administrators.

Non-Resident TPA License Process

  • STEP 1: Application
    Complete the Idaho Non-Resident TPA Application Packet (TPA001-B)

  • STEP 2: Send all documents and check to:

    Idaho Department of Insurance
    700 West State Street, 3 rd Floor
    Boise, ID 83702-5868

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