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You cannot proceed to log into the quiz without acknowledging that you have read the instructions (checkbox below).

The recertification examination consists of 10 True or False questions. These questions will be randomly selected from a bank of over 200 questions based on the 2012 Edition of the International Fire Code and IDAPA Rule 18.01.50. Your Fire Code Official log in number is required to access the recertification exercise. Please contact your chief or the Idaho State Fire Marshal’s office to obtain your number.

You must indicate your answer of true or false and input the code section that justifies your response. When the answer to a question includes a subtitled item or an exception, just list the primary code section as your answer.

  Example: If the answer is found in item 5 of Section 105.5, just input 105.5 as your answer.

If the answer is found in exception 1 of 803.1, just list 803.1 as your answer.

If you include “exception” or “item” in your code answer, the system will score it as an incorrect response. All code answers will reference a IFC number.

When you log in, a page will appear with links to 10 questions. You will have to click on each button to view the question. Once the question has been answered and you click submit, the system will automatically save your answer. This was designed for your convenience in case of an emergency call. If you view the questions and don’t answer them, the system may reassign different questions when you log in again.

Once you have successfully passed the exam, print the page with your results, sign it and attach it to your application. Turn your application with your results to your fire chief or fire marshal and they will submit the documents to our office. You and your chief/fire marshal must sign the application before it can be processed.

Applications MUST be completely filled out and signed by both applicant and authorized signature. Applications that only have a name and signature with everything else left blank will not be processed.

If you did not pass the recertification exam, you will have to wait 24-hours to try again.

Once your application has been processed, your 2017 Fire Code Official card will be mailed to your fire chief or fire marshal.

If you have any questions concerning:

  Log in, information updates or system errors, please contact Nesha Pabst at (208) 334-4370

If you have code questions or code clarifications, please contact any of the Idaho State Fire Marshals.
Region 1: Casey Strong

Region 2: Tom Mroz

Region 3: Verl Jarvie
(208) 769-1447

(208) 334-4370

(208) 525-7022

Appeals can be directed to Knute Sandahl at (208) 334-4370.

I acknowledge that I have read the Recertification Examination Instructions.