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Director's Photo Gallery

Director and Mrs. Deal with singer Amy Grant April 2013 - Director and Mrs. Deal meet singer Amy Grant at the spring NAIC meeting in Houston.
Fraud Awareness contest winners January 2013 - Director Deal congratulates winners of Fraud Awareness Coalition video contest.
Fraud Awareness contest winners January 2013 - Director Deal and Fraud Awareness Coalition members present video contest awards.
Fraud Awareness Coalition Scholorship contest winner Fraud Awareness Coalition scholarship contest first place winner, Laynie Jensen meets the Director.
Bill, Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, Fraud Coalition members, Farmers Insurance representatives and scholarship recipient.
Bill accompanied Governor Otter and selected members of his Cabinet on a capital for a Day visit to Carey.
Residents of Carey came to listen to the Governor, members of his Cabinet and other state and local leaders at the Carey school.
November 2009 - Bill accompanied Governor Otter to Lava Hot Springs along with other cabinet members. He met with residents of the community and answered their questions about the Department of Insurance and insurance issues.
UW Campaign Bill is the chair of the 2009-2010 State Employee's Annual Charitable Giving Campaign.  In August, he participated in the United Way's Flapjack Feed at the Grove along with Governor Butch Otter; Mayor Dave Bieter; Sheriff Gary Raney; other city, state and county leaders and local celebrities.
NAIC Western Zone Conference October 2008 - Idaho hosted the NAIC Western Zone Conference in Coeur d'Alene.  Pictured are Department Director Bill Deal, Deputy Director Shad Priest, Consumer Affairs Bureau Chief Jim Genetti, Company Activities Bureau Chief Georgia Siehl.
NAIC Western Zone Conference Bill and Jim
NAIC Western Zone conference Addressing members of the Conference.
NAIC Western Zone Conference Larry Becker, President and CEO of Liberty Northwest, one of the speakers at the event.
NAIC Western Zone Conference Bill and his assistant, Teresa Jones.
NAIC Western Zone Conference Bill with Linda Hall, Alaska Director of Insurance and Chairman of the Western Zone and her husband Ron.
NAIC Western Zone Conference Bill talks to Oregon Insurance Administrator Teresa Miller.
Fraud Awareness Week Proclamation

August 2008 – Governor Otter signed a proclamation declaring Idaho Fraud Awareness Week. Accompanying Bill at the signing were Tricia Carney and Fraud Awareness Coalition members Ed Glennon, Anne Lorenz and Debbie Dale.

Bill speaking at Independent Agent and Brokers Conference In July 2008 Bill attended the Independent Agents and Brokers Annual Conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  He introduced Governor Otter and gave the annual Director's report on the state of insurance in Idaho.
Bil at Independent Agents and Brokers Conference Bill installed the incoming officers.  His son, Bill Jr., is the incoming president.
Independent Agents and Brokers Annual Conference New officers and board members of the Big I.
Bill meets with Emmett residents

July 2008 – Bill and other cabinet members spent the day with Governor Otter visiting with the residents of Emmett during the Governor’s “Capital for a Day” program. Bill talked with Representative Carlos Bilbao and answered questions from those in attendance.

Bill Deal and Kim Toryanski

Kim Toryanski, Administrator of the Commission on Aging, was among the cabinet members accompanying the Governor to Emmett.

girls state

June 2008 – Bill and the Department hosted Girls State visitor, Lauren Mamola. Lauren spent the day with Department personnel learning how the business of insurance is regulated in the state of Idaho.

Gina graduation

December 2007 – Consumer Affairs Officer Gina McBride graduated from the Idaho Certified Public Manager program. Governor Otter was the keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony. Director Bill Deal, Bureau Chief Jim Genetti and Public Information Specialist Tricia Carney were in attendance at this important event. Gina is the first Department employee to achieve this recognition.