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During the 2010 legislative session, the Idaho State Legislature adopted a new chapter in the Idaho Code, Chapter 60, Title 41, entitled "Immunization Assessments." The intent of the legislature was to provide funding for the Idaho Immunization Program to continue to provide vaccines for insured Idaho children. The new chapter creates a dedicated vaccine fund and an independent board which is empowered to assess fees from all health carriers to fund vaccine purchases. The Department will post additional information on the immunization survey and assessment process as it becomes available.

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Immunize Idaho Program

The Idaho Immunization program provides free vaccine to all participating providers, education for health care providers, nursing programs, and the general public, and maintains the statewide immunization registry (IRIS).

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"People from many different areas have pulled together to implement a new and unique system for setting and collecting assessments to promote childhood immunization in Idaho. The first assessment payments have been received, and the newly established system has allowed an uninterrupted supply of childhood vaccines to Idaho providers."

Idaho Immunization Assessment Board