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Market Analysis

  • MCAS – Market Conduct Annual Statement
  • Report Cards – Report card notifications are e-mailed according to dates established by the NAIC.
  • Statewide Averages – In order to insure accurate trending data, the Idaho Department of Insurance will continue to accept late or corrected MCAS reports for data years 2006 and later. As corrections are received and processed, periodic updates to the statewide averages will be posted on this website. Please note that report cards distributed prior to the updates will reflect older statewide averages.
  • Current Statewide Averages (as of 11/3/10):
Private Passenger Automobile 2008 2009
Homeowner 2008 2009
Life and Annuity
Schedule 1. Individual Life Cash Value Products - Includes VL, UL, VUL, Whole Life & Equity Index Life. 2009
Schedule 2. Individual Life Non-Cash Value Products – Term. 2009
Schedule 3. Group Life Products (Cash & Non-Cash Value) – Includes UL, VL, VUL, Whole Life, Equity Index Life & Term. 2009
Schedule 4. Individual Fixed Annuities – Includes Equity Index Annuity Products. 2009
Schedule 5. Individual Variable Annuities. 2009

In 2009 the NAIC Membership adopted a motion to transfer the 2010 MCAS data collection to the NAIC for storage, aggregation and analysis. To view the 2010 and subsequent results, please refer to the NAIC website under industry-MCAS, Participating Jurisdictions Contacts and Scorecards.



October Nickel
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