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After a Login account has been established your company name should appear in the drop down list. Select the company name associated with your password and CLICK “Proceed”.

You will then be asked to enter your password. Enter the password from your previously received confirmation email, and CLICK “Proceed”.

Once your password has been accepted, you will see a list of CLOSED complaints filed with the Department for that specified company. Please review each complaint and select “Accept” or “Refute”, as appropriate.

Once a complaint is accepted, it will disappear from the list of registered complaints and will remain off of the list unless the complaint is re-opened for any reason.

Comments are required for a “Refute” status and it should only be used in situations where the information listed is incorrect and it cannot be used to “disagree” with the facts or resolution of the complaint. It is very important that you provide adequate information regarding any disagreement, as only this information will be used by Department staff to investigate the disagreement. Enter the comment in the box provided and CLICK "Send Refutation”.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – You will need to periodically check the status of refuted complaints. If a complaint is refuted it will remain (incorrect) on the list of Registered Complaints. You can expect a delay of 7 days to update our system and for those changes to make their way to our website so that you can finally accept the corrected complaint.

All complaints for the prior year must be reviewed by January 30 as access to these complaints will be removed on February 1.

All complaints with a “Refute” status will be investigated by the Department. The complaint will either be corrected (the correction will appear later on the application at which time you can accept) or it will be removed. If applicable, communication with the company will occur explaining the Department’s final position.

  • If Department staff agrees the company name is incorrectly applied, the complaint will be listed on the correct company’s report and removed from the incorrect company.
  • If the complaint should have been closed as an “Inquiry” rather than a “Complaint”, the Department will make the code change and the case file number will drop from the complaint list.
  • If the company initially disagrees but the complaint is then confirmed by the Department with the company, the company must change its “Disagree” to “Agree”.

If you have forgotten your password, you can CLICK “Request Password” to have an automated password reminder emailed to the account you initially specified.

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