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Agent Training and Certification Update

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Agent/Broker training for Idaho’s health insurance exchange, Your Health Idaho, is now available. All training will occur online.

Once agents and brokers have completed the full training, they will be able to obtain an active FFM user ID by completing an online identity verification process.

Below is an overview of the two-part training.

Detailed instructions are available at the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) website.

Part I

  • Occurs on the Medicare Learning Network (MLN)
  • Includes courses, exams and signing Marketplace Agreement(s)
  • Takes approximately 3.5 – 4 hours to complete depending on the specific Marketplace curriculum selected

Part II

  • Occurs on the CMS Enterprise Portal
  • Covers the establishment of a user ID and completion of identity verification
  • Takes approximately 30 minutes to complete
  • Only required for agents and brokers serving in the individual market

Agents and brokers must be appointed by an insurance company to participate on Your Health Idaho. The agent’s or broker’s contract with the insurance company will identify the compensation paid.

In addition to the Federal Training Module, Your Health Idaho will require 20 hours of training for In-Person Assisters only. Although agents and brokers are not required to take this training, it will be available to them if they are interested.