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Department Directory

Idaho Falls
Coeur d'Alene
Department of Insurance
700 West State Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043
Phone: 208-334-4250
SHIBA: 1-800-247-4422
Fax Numbers:
-  DOI: 208-334-4398
-  SHIBA: 208-334-4389
-  Fire Marshal: 208-334-4375

For Assistance, Please Contact One of the Following
Insurance Company Information
Policy Rates and Forms
Producer/Agency Licensing Information
Consumer Assistance
Investigations/Insurance Fraud
Fire Marshal
Medicare Information and Assistance
Request for Public Records

Tom Donovan Acting Director/Deputy Director 208-334-4250
Tricia Carney Public Information Specialist 208-334-4312
Renee Iverson Fiscal Officer 208-334-4266
Ellen Wells Human Resources 208-334-4261
Information Technology
Becky Barton-Wagner IT Resource Manager 208-334-4279
Company Activities Bureau
Georgia Siehl Bureau Chief/Chief Examiner 208-334-4314
Kathy Miller Premium Tax and Fees 208-334-4282
Company Examinations, Analysis & Admissions
Hermoliva Abejar Deputy Chief Examiner 208-334-4313
Jim Scanlon Examiner Title and Market Insurance Specialist 208-334-4321
Ryan Sigel Senior Market Analyst, Insurance Analyst 208-334-4216
Clifford Brumett Financial Analysis 208-334-4230
Carol Anderson Company Admissions, Statutory Deposits, Add/Delete a Line 208-334-4309
Producer Licensing
Lisa Tordjman Supervisor, Licensing 208-334-4343
Barbara Mendiola CE Coordinator 208-334-4345
Marie Pap Non-Resident Producer Licensing 208-334-4344
Cherie Williams Non-Resident Producer Licensing 208-334-4336
Brandi Hawkins Non-Resident Producer Licensing/Renewals 208-334-4374
Lori Hiatt Office Specialist 2 208-334-4341
Margene Benedetti Resident/Non-Resident Producer Licensing 208-334-4342
Consumer Services Bureau
Gina McBride Bureau Chief, Consumer Services 208-334-4250
Consumer Affairs
Amy Lambrecht Consumer Affairs Supervisor 208-334-4322
Consumer Affairs - Boise 208-334-4319
Consumer Affairs - Idaho 800-721-3272
Darrell Cartwright Consumer Affairs - Coeur d' Alene 208-666-6850
Dave Mulder Consumer Affairs - Pocatello 208-236-6411
Health Care Policy/Program
Kathy McGill Health Insurance Specialist 208-334-4300
Investigations/Insurance Fraud
Lori Braseth Investigations Supervisor 208-334-4346
Matt Becker Fraud Investigator 208-334-4332
Katie Berryman Fraud Investigator 208-334-4329
Nathan Davis Fraud Investigator 208-334-4331
Kris Evans Fraud Investigator 334-4328,
SHIBA (Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors)
SHIBA Hotline SHIBA Hotline 1-800-247-4422
Shannon Hohl SHIBA Supervisor 1-800-247-4422
Product Review
Weston Trexler Bureau Chief, Product Review Bureau 208-334-4315
Donna Daniel Policy Rates and Forms 208-334-4362
State Fire Marshal
Knute Sandahl Idaho State Fire Marshal 208-334-4377
Nesha Pabst Administrative Assistant 208-334-4370
Teresa Jones Program Information Coordinator 208-334-4373
Fire Investigations/Prevention Deputy Fire Marshals
Bill Steele (INV) Region I, Coeur d'Alene 208-769-1447
Tom Mroz (INV) Region II, Boise 208-334-4376
Donald Strong (PREV) Region I, Moscow 208-882-2368
Ivan Hibbert (INV) Region III, Idaho Falls 208-525-7209
Verl Jarvie (PREV) Region III, Idaho Falls 208-525-7022
Webmaster DOI Idaho Department of Insurance Webmaster 208-334-4285