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2013-2014 DOI Rulemaking Activity

The following describes rulemaking activity effective March 30, 2014 (adjournment of the legislature).

Rules Pertaining To Bail Agents

This rulemaking deletes sections and from Rule 18.01.04 to conform the rule to the interpretation of Idaho Code 41-1042 consistent with the Idaho Supreme Court’s ruling in Two Jinn v. Idaho Department of Insurance, 154 Idaho 1, 293 P.3d 150 (2013).

18.01.04 – Notice of Pending Rule.

18.01.04 – Text of Final Rule.

Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act

This rulemaking updates the existing rule consistent with changes made to title 41, chapter 38, Idaho Code during the 2013 legislative session in House Bill 197 affecting insurance holding company systems. Changes include, but are not limited to, setting forth the elements of the new filing requirements for a new Form F – Enterprise Risk Report.

18.01.23 – Notice of Pending Rule.

18.01.23 – Text of Final Rule.

Adoption of The International Fire Code

To revise language in IDAPA 18.01.50 to adopt the 2012 edition of the International Fire Code. This adoption includes revisions made to previous editions of the International Fire Code. This rule brings the adopted edition of the International Fire Code current with the edition of the Building Code adopted by the Legislature in 2013.

18.01.50 – Notice of Pending Rule

18.01.50 – Text of Final Rule

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