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2014-2015 DOI Rulemaking Activity

The following describes rulemaking activity effective April 11, 2015 (adjournment of the legislature) unless otherwise noted.

Rules Pertaining to Recognition of New Annuity Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Reserve Liabilities for Annuities and Pure Endowment Contracts.

This rulemaking amends Rule 46 to adopt NAIC 2012 individual annuity reserve table (2012 IAR) per NAIC model 821 for annuities issued January 1, 2015, and later.

18.01.46 – Notice of Rulemaking – Adoption of Pending Rule and Adoption of Temporary Rule
18.01.46 – Text of Final Rule.

Rules Pertaining to Continuing Education

This rulemaking requires resident adjusters and those adjusters with Idaho as the home state as well as resident/home state public adjusters to meet continuing education requirements, and that the specifics of Rule 53, such as the approval of courses by the CE Committee, will apply.

18.01.53 – Notice of Rulemaking – Adoption of Pending Rule
18.01.53 – Text of Final Rule.

Rules Pertaining to Change in the Schedule of Fees, Licenses and Miscellaneous Charges

This rulemaking sought to:

  • provide clarity concerning the required fee for self-funded student health plans that register with the Department;
  • make a technical correction to delete surplus language;
  • provide for the same licensure fee for public adjusters as exists for adjusters, namely, $80; and
  • change the fee for examinations for producer and adjuster license applicants from a flat $60 to an amount not to exceed $80.

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