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NPN - What are They/What is Mine/How to Find Out

NPN stands for National Producer Number and is a numeric identifier issued by NIPR for each new licensee who is then listed on the NAIC Producer Database. In an effort to eliminate using SS#'s for online transactions, this number is issued to each licensee as they upload to the Producer Database and thereafter can be used in online transactions where optional. Idaho licensees can find out what their NPN number is and check on their license status by going to our website, www.doi.idaho.gov and going to ONLINE SERVICES and then going to Producer License Status . Put in your license number or last name and submit to reach your license record. Your NPN will display under your license number. You may still be asked to provide a SS # for an online transaction, however, industry is moving towards this alternative so this number is good to know! As always, contact Licensing if you have questions or difficulty with our website.