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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Far in advance should I have my fingerprints done so that it will not delay my renewal?
    We recommend at least 8 weeks prior to your expiration and up to 160 days. Remember, we cannot renew your license without the fingerprint report return.
  • Where do I get my bond?
    You must contact a Surety company providing performance bonds to Bail agents and send them the bond and appointment form from our website. Many bail agencies are set up with specific Surety companies and can help you to expedite.
  • If my fingerprint results have not been returned to the Department prior to the expiration of my license, can I still do business?
    No. You do not have a renewed bail license to perform bail transactions until the report is received and the renwal processed by the Department.
  • How do I find study material for the bail bond exam?
    Contact Silver Key School of Insurance at 208-362-6000 for preparatory clases and/or bail study materials. Don't forget to download the Pre-Licensing Candidate Handbook and Content Outlines from PSI (available through our website under Study Materials.)
  • What is the Pre-Licensing Candidate Handbook and why do I need it?
    This is a booklet prepared and provided by PSI to guide you through the testing procedures and requirements. It provides important informatin and phone numbers and can answer many questions you might have regarding what to expect and how to prepare and arrange for your exams and fingerprints.
  • How much CE do I need to continue my license?
    Resident Bail Agents are requried to complete 24 hours, with three credits in Ethics. For approved courses, please consult our website under CE Course Catalog. Courses that pertain specifically to bail agents may be found under the provider name: Professional Bail Agents of Idaho.
  • What happens if I lose my bond or appointment?
    You will be notified by the Department if you lose your bond. You will have 21 days from the date of the notification to replace bond and appointment. You must send the original bond and authorized appointment form from the Surety. Failure to replace the bond and appointment will result in termination of the license. Loss of the appointment is an immediate termination of license if there are no other appointments in place. If this occurs, you need to replace both bond and appointment as outlined above. If this loss of bond represents a change of agency, notify us of your new contact information at the same time. We encourage the use of our bail reactivation packet if the license is terminated.
  • What if I do not wish to continue my license?
    Please return a Loss of License Affidavit form (notarized) to the Department with a completed and signed Voluntary Surrender Confirmation form.
  • What if I need to report a new agency or home address or phone/fax/email?
    You may report a change of any contact information by going to our website and processing an Individual Address Change--found under ONLINE SERVICES. Email changes only can be reported through the email address change portal. Any change of contact information should be reported within 30 days per Title 41, Section 41-1008 and IDAPA Rule 18.01.04.
  • What if I need to report a change of name?
    The Individual Name Change or Business Entity Name Change forms can be used to report a name change. Attach pertinent legal documents (examples listed on form) showing legal name change and fax to 208-334-4398 or email as an attachment to agent@doi.idaho.gov.
  • How do DBA's work in relation to my License?
    Please visit www.doi.idaho.gov and click on Licensing Services for our DBA Information and FAQ's information.

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