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Idaho Producer and Adjuster General Licensing Information


Producer: individual or business entity required to be licensed under the laws of this state to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance.


  • This license is the property of the State of Idaho and issued to the producer, who is responsible for it.
  • In the event this license is terminated, revoked or suspended, it is your responsibility to return it to this department immediately, pursuant to Idaho Code 41-1027.
  • When contacting the Department of Insurance, please provide your license number or social security number.



Idaho does not require pre-licensing education. However, residents must test for the line of authority they wish to have on their license.

Testing is done through a private agency, PearsonVue. To schedule an exam, call 888-204-6218. Fingerprints must be scheduled at the same time. The fee for each exam is $60 and the fingerprint fee is $60. The fingerprint fee is forwarded to the FBI for processing of a background check. Exam scheduling can also be done on the Pearson Vue website.

Exam Preparation

You can download the pre-licensing Candidate Handbook from the Pearson Vue site. This free booklet will give you important information regarding preparation for the exam. Be sure to download the Content Outline, as well. This free supplement to the Candidate Handbook provides a study guide for each line of authority and refers to Title 41 – Idaho Code (statutes) and IDAPA Rules for Insurance. To find the statutes and rules they reference, go to Laws/Rules/Bulletins. Click on Idaho Code for statutes and Idaho Rules for rules. NOTE: This is not a complete study guide. See below for more study material information.

Study Materials

Contact any of the following for study materials:


Download the PearsonVue Candidate Handbook and Content Outline. Topics listed in the Content Outline refer to the Idaho Statutes and Idaho Rules listed under Laws/Rules/Bulletins. NOTE: This is not a complete study guide.

For Classroom Exam Preparation:

Contact Silver Key School of Insurance, 208-362-6000, for exam preparation in a classroom environment and/or for study materials:

**( Bail agent candidates can get study materials and/or classes for the bail exam through this outlet only.)


Residents must fingerprint at the time of testing through L1. Book your exams and fingerprints online through the Pearson VUE site. The fee to fingerprint is $65. You will be given a receipt for fingerprints and a Request and Release form at the test site and they should be faxed with exam pass slips and any other supporting documents necessary for the application to 208-334-4398 or emailed as attachments to agent@doi.idaho.gov. Then you submit your application online through NIPR or SIRCON.

If there are problems with getting fingerprints done through L1/MorphoTrust, please contact this office (208-334-4250) and ask for help from producer licensing. Manual fingerprints require that you obtain the FD-258 card from licensing and take to your local State Police and, once printed, forward the card, along with a check or money order for $65 made payable to Idaho Department of Insurance for the FBI background check, along with the Request and Release form to the Department and submit your application online. Fingerprint cards done manually result in a slower return of FBI results, along with the possibility of rejected cards and possible redo's. We highly recommend getting fingerprinted electronically through L1/Morphotrust to avoid these extra expenses and delays and we require it if you are within a 100 mile radius of an Idaho approved test center offering fingerprint services. Licenses for residents are not issued before the FBI report is returned.

Moving to Idaho?

Non-residents moving to the state to relicense as residents must be fingerprinted and the preference is to do this through Pearson VUE test centers by booking a non-testing fingerprint appointment through L1 on the Pearson VUE site. They will direct you to the nearest Pearson VUE test center. Cost is $60 and payment will be taken by credit card at time of reservation. Be sure to get the receipt when you are fingerprinted at the test center and you should also be given a Request and Release form to sign. Attach these items to the paper application, along with letter of clearance from your home state and send to the Department with a check or money order in the amount of $80 made payable to Idaho Department of Insurance. Former domicile state license must be cancelled temporarily while we license you as a resident. Once we license you as a resident in Idaho, you can reactivate your former domicile state license as a non-resident. You must license within 90 days of moving here or 90 days of cancellation of your former domicile state license – whichever is sooner – in order to avoid retesting for the lines of authority.


You have two options:

  1.  Electronic application via NIPR or SIRCON is available for residents or non-residents . Follow instructions per site. See optional instructions regarding the paper application or click on the specific license type for information about the application process. NOTE: If you have been licensed in Idaho previously, you will not be able to use the online option at this time. Please submit paper application (see below.)

  2. Paper application for individual or business, resident or non-resident, is on our website. The fee to license is $80. Residents must be fingerprinted * and tested through L1 before sending in paper application.

*If you are unable to have fingerprints done through Pearson VUE, please contact this office for a card and instructions. It is highly recommended to have your fingerprints done electronically through L1 for speed of process and to avoid extra expense.


Idaho does not license sole proprietors. The business entity must be a partnership or incorporated to license as an agency. You must contact and register your business with the Idaho Secretary of State. Please go to the Secretary of State website for registration and information. We will verify your registration with the Secretary of State through their online site. The fee to license a business entity for insurance is $80. This license renews every two years from the date of issue. The business license requires at least one designated, responsible producer who is currently licensed in Idaho and carries the lines of authority of the business. You may apply for licensure electronically via NIPR or SIRCON or via paper business application. If you do not have an Idaho-licensed designated producer before applying, please use the paper application and send both individual and agency applications at the same time. NOTE: If this entity has been licensed in Idaho previously under the same FEIN, you may not use the online option at this time.


Independent Adjuster Application

You may APPLY ONLINE via NIPR or SIRCON. Fee to license as an Independent Adjuster is $80. You may also apply by paper by using the NAIC uniform application for Individual Adjuster or Business Adjuster. Please visit our Independent Adjuster page for more information about these licenses. Idaho licenses both residents and non-residents, business and individuals as Independent Adjusters. You may consult Chapter 11, Idaho Code, for the statutes that apply to this license. All Independent Adjusters are exempt from CE requirements at this time.

You are exempt from licensing if you are a staff adjuster, which is defined as a salaried employee of an insuring company. All others adjusting claims under contract with insuring companies and collecting fees or commissions in addition to or in place of a salary must license as an independent adjuster.

Public Adjuster Application

Idaho licenses both resident and non-resident, business and individuals as Public Adjusters. Please visit our Public Adjuster page for more information and forms in connection with this license. You may consult Chapter 58, Idaho Code on our website for statutes that apply to this license. You may apply online via NIPR or SIRCON or via paper using the NAIC Adjuster apps for Individual Adjuster or Business. Fee to license as a Public Adjuster is $80. License applications must be accompanied by a Public Adjuster Bond in the amount of $20,000 or an Irrevocable Letter of Credit in the amount of $20,000. Resident Public Adjusters must complete 24 hours CE every renewal period. Residents must forward fingerprint receipt/exam pass slip, Request and Release form, original bond and any documentation needed for background responses on application.

Credit and Other Limited Lines License Application

Residents and non-residents, individuals and agencies may apply for Credit/GAP and other limited lines via NIPR or SIRCON or by paper application. If applying by paper, residents must attach the attestation page (signature page) from the Pre-Licensing Limited Lines Manual found on our website. Fee to license is $80. Please use the uniform application for individual or business to apply for a credit lines license via paper. Idaho currently licenses for Credit & GAP/Travel*/Pet/Surety/Crop under a limited lines license. Residents must also be fingerprinted. No CE is required if you carry a limited lines license only. Residents must fingerprint though L1 by making reservations through the Pearson VUE site for a non-testing fingerprint. Send receipt for fingerprints and Request and Release form with other attachments of application.

*"Travel Insurance" means insurance coverage for personal risks incident to planned travel, including but not limited to:

  1.  Interruption or cancellation of trip or event;

  2. Loss of baggage or personal effects;

  3. Damages to accommodations or rental vehicles;

  4. Sickness, accident, disability or death occurring during travel.

Travel insurance does not include major medical plans, which provide comprehensive medical protection for travelers with trips lasting 6 months or longer, including for example, those working overseas as an ex-patriot or military personnel being deployed.

Surety Line of Authority

General Surety line of authority is a line separate from Property & Casualty in Idaho. Residents must take the General Surety exam to be qualified for this line of authority. Contact Pearson Vue to request this exam. Non-residents must show surety on their home state license if requesting it to be listed on their Idaho license separately from P&C or they must provide proof that the line is covered in their home state under P&C. NOTE: it is not necessary to show Surety separately on your license if you have a non-resident P&C license in Idaho and your state covers this line under P&C.

Bail Agent/Agency

Please see the Bail Bond Information page for application and all related forms and information. Pertinent statutes can be found under Chapter 10, Idaho Code Sections 41-1037 through 41-1045. Idaho licenses agencies and individuals, residents and non-residents for Bail Surety. We require an appointment and a $15 K bond from a Surety company with application for both individual and business bail license. License fee is $80. You may apply with paper or online via Compliance Express or NIPR. Original Bail Bond and Appointment forms must be forwarded to the department if applying online or attached to the paper application at time of application.

Surplus Lines Application

We do not license agencies for surplus lines. The agency must carry a P&C license and have a registered agent who is licensed in surplus lines. Individual producers must hold a P&C license concurrent with the surplus lines license. A resident producer applying for surplus lines must have held the P&C license for a minimum of 2 years before a surplus lines license can be issued. The producer P&C and surplus lines licenses will expire on the same date, regardless of initial issue date, so that they are always active at the same time. Please visit our Surplus Lines page for more information. At this time P&C and surplus lines licenses may be renewed electronically at the same time. You may apply for this license with a paper application or online via Compliance Express or NIPR.

Third Party Administrator

Please see the Third Party Administrator page under LICENSING SERVICES for application and all related forms and information. You may consult our website for statutes that address the Third Party Administrator under Chapter 9, Insurance Administrators, found under Title 41 – Idaho Code. This application must be made via paper. The fee to license as a TPA is $300. Renewal is every 2 years by January 1st, and can be done online via Compliance Express. Renewals require reporting an average of funds handled or premiums collected for the previous two years and increasing bonds as necessary in connection with this amount, along with reporting any new agreements.

Managing General Agent

Please send a request for the MGA application packet to:

Producer Licensing


Attn: Producer Licensing
Idaho Department of Insurance
700 W State St Fl 3
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043


208-334-4250 (ask for Producer Licensing)

You may consult our website for Statutes that address the Managing General Agents Act under Chapter 15, Idaho Code, found under Laws/Rules/Bulletins.

Reinsurance Intermediary Broker/Manager

Please send a request for the Reinsurance Intermediary application packet to:

Producer Licensing


Attn: Producer Licensing
Idaho Department of Insurance
700 W State St Fl 3
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043


208-334-4250 (ask for Producer Licensing)

You may consult our website for Statutes that address the Reinsurance Intermediary Act under Chapter 51 , Idaho Code, found under Laws/Rules/Bulletins. Non-residents, if your laws are similar to Idaho law and you are licensed as a Reinsurance Intermediary in your domicile state or jurisdiction, you may be exempt from licensure in Idaho . States/jurisdictions listed below have code regarding reinsurance intermediaries similar to Idaho :

Alaska Maine Oklahoma
Arizona Massachusetts Oregon
California Minnesota Pennsylvania
Colorado Missouri Rhode Island
Connecticut Montana South Carolina
Delaware Nebraska South Dakota
District of Columbia New Hampshire Texas
Florida New Jersey Utah
Georgia New York Virginia
Illinois North Carolina Washington
Iowa North Dakota West Virginia
Kansas Ohio Wyoming

If that is the case, please contact the state to register for exemption using this form: Reinsurance Intermediary Exemption form.

Title Agency

See the Title Agent Information, page for application and all related forms and information. You may consult our website for Statutes that address Title Insurance under Chapter 27, Title Insurance, found in Title 41 – Idaho Code. NOTE : Idaho does not license non-resident entities as title agents. You must have a physical plant in an Idaho county to license for title. Idaho does not license individuals for Title. Please refer all inquiries to Jim Scanlon. Application must be made by paper.


Address Changes

Idaho Code 41-1008(6) states that all Producers must inform the Department of Insurance of any change of address within 30 days. You may submit address changes via NIPR. NIPR is a free service for address change. See instructions below for NAME CHANGES .

  • NOTE: If you have a state-to-state change of address, you must be licensed in the new domicile state before submitting this change of address to Idaho. Use the STATE-TO-STATE address change form for this change of address . We will consult the PDB for proof of your licensure as a resident in the new state. If the PDB does not have this information posted, please send a letter of certification from the new state. Please return your current Idaho license copy with this request if you are already licensed in Idaho as a new license will be mailed to you reflecting the changes. There is no charge for this address change.

Producers who are moving to this state to become residents must submit an application, proof of fingerprints (receipt from Pearson Vue), along with a fee of $80 and the PDB will be consulted to verify that your license was voluntarily cancelled in the former domicile state within 90 days of moving to this state. You must apply for a resident license within 90 days of moving here. You will be issued a new license reflecting that you are a resident producer. You may then reactivate your license in the former domicile state as a non-resident, if you wish. If you are concurrently licensed as a non-resident in Idaho , that license will be cancelled at the same time you are re-licensed as a resident.

Name Changes - Individual

Please use the Name Change form for this notification. Attach a copy of marriage certificate/divorce decree or other legal document showing the name has been legally changed. This form can be faxed or mailed. There is no fee for this service. A new license copy will automatically be sent.

Name Changes - Business

If the name change you wish to report does NOT involve a change in FEIN or entity structure dissolve and reformation (ie: Inc to LLC, etc. ), please use the Business Entity Name Change form, attach a copy of the amendment filed with the domicile and Idaho Secretary of State, a list of current officers and your current Idaho license. We will check the PDB to see if the name change has been made in the domicile state for non-resident business entities. We will change the business name in the records of the designated responsible producer. There is no fee for this transaction. A new copy of the license will be mailed.

If the name change involves an FEIN or entity structure change , a new license may be required. If the structure change involves dissolving one structure to reform as another, or the FEIN is changed, a new license is required and the application should be accompanied by a copy of the amendment to the Secretary of State articles of incorporation, a current list of officers and return of current Idaho license, along with a fee of $80. The old license will be cancelled, and a new license will be issued to the new entity. We will check the PDB to see if the name change has been made in the domicile state for non-resident business entities. All active appointments and registrations will automatically transfer to the new license unless a request is made to transfer only specific appointments and registrations. This transaction is considered a merge and records are brought forward to the new license file. There is no lapse of licensure in this transaction and this is considered a continuation of the former license even though a new license has been issued.

Add a Line of Authority

Life/Disability/Property/Casualty/Variable/Personal lines/Surety and other limited lines can all be included under one license. Bail agent, Surplus lines, Independent Adjuster and Public Adjuster are all separate licenses that require a separate application and fees. These licenses cannot have lines added or be added as lines of authority to the producer license.

In order to add lines to a producer license, residents must forward an (original or copy of) the exam sheet from Pearson Vue or attestation from the limited lines manual (for certain limited lines), along with an Add Lines form. Non-residents send the Add Lines form. We will check the PDB to verify your resident license information. If adding Variable (resident or non-resident), please include a CRD number in the appropriate field on the Add Lines form. Businesses must include the name of an agent carrying the new lines of authority in the appropriate field on the form. There is no fee for adding lines so please do not use the application process. We cannot refund your fees if you use the application process. We are working with our venders to provide an online service for adding lines without charging fees, but until then, please use this form.

License Copy Requests

Please click here for license copies. Upon initial issue the department will automatically forward a license copy. At time of renewal, if transacting through Compliance Express, license copies are available and free of charge for a 30-day period. If renewing through the department or through NIPR, a license copy will automatically be forwarded to you. Outside these transactions, a license copy is available to you for a nominal fee through Compliance Express

CE Look-Up

You can track your CE, thanks to Sircon's system of roster download. Please go to Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry on the Sircon site or through the CE Course Catalog to view CE credits attached to your license record. This enables you to track how much credit you have accumulated at any time and simplifies the renewal process.

Producer List Requests

Please use the List Request form to request a list of producers. This list will include the name of the producer, the mailing address and the license number. No email or phone information is provided on this list. Only active producers are included. You can request resident/non-resident or both and agent/agency or both. The list will ask you to specify license type of those listed. It will be in zip order and Excel format so that you may sort or extract however you wish. The cost of the list is $9.75 and must be received in check or money order form. Once received, the list will be emailed to you.

Public Records Request

Please go to our FORMS section and click on the public records request. Complete this form and send to the address in the instructions. Allow 3 to 10 days for response/process.

Letters of Certification

Most states will check the PDB (Producer Data Base) for license status. However, if a letter of certification is required by a state, they are good for 90 days only. Compliance Express can provide you with a Letter of Certification.

Letters of Clearance

  • Producers who are moving from Idaho to another state may request a letter of clearance by returning their original Idaho license with a letter of clearance request form. Be sure to provide an appropriate mailing address . If you are unable to forward your license, please go to our website for a loss of license affidavit form. There is no fee to provide you with a letter of clearance.
  • PLEASE NOTE : When you surrender this license and are issued a Letter of Clearance, you are no longer licensed to sell insurance in the state of Idaho .
  • Once licensed in your new domicile state, you may send a signed reactivation form in order to reinstate your Idaho license as a non-resident . There is no fee for reactivating your license as a non-resident—provided there is time on the license before expiration. Reinstating the license will not change the original expiration date. If reinstating after an expiration date, a fee of $160 will be due. If not reinstated by 1 year from expiration date, you must reapply by paper application with $80.

Request for Cancellation or Non-Renewal of a License

Please go to our website and get the voluntary surrender form. You will receive confirmation of the termination of your license.


License Renewals

  • Licenses are issued for 2 years. You are responsible for the timely renewal of your license. You will receive a courtesy “ notice to renew postcard approximately six (6) weeks prior to your expiration date. Make sure your address is current. Postcards will not be forwarded. However, you do not need to wait to receive this notice. All licenses can be renewed 45 days prior to their expiration date. All options for renewal are available on our website. You have the convenience of online renewal or online access to your mail-in renewal form from the website.
  • Your renewal fee must be received or postmarked prior to your expiration date to avoid paying a late fee . You will not be able to renew online past your expiration date. At that time, you will need to send the following:
    • a reinstatement form
    • Residents must have completed their CE and attach copies of their certificates of completion. If you are certain that all of your CE was downloaded into our system, you do not need to send certificates. To verify CE download, go to Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry. If CE is completed after the expiration date, please consult the department regarding CE penalty fees that must accompany your packet.
    • Fee of $160 for late renewal (residents see below for late CE penalties)

The producer database will be checked for non-resident license information.

ATTENTION: Appointments/registrations are terminated once a license is lapsed and will need to be resubmitted once the license is reinstated.

Renewal Fees

  • Mail-in renewal fee is $80. Reinstatement fee is $160.
  • Online renewal fee is $60 plus Sircon or NIPR fees. Online renewal is only available 45 days prior to the expiration date. The period from expiration date forward is considered late and the double fee applies. There is no online service for reinstatement at this time. Please get appropriate reinstatement form from our website and mail in with check or money order made payable to Idaho Department of Insurance. See below for other license type reinstatement options.
  • TPAs now renew every two years by January 1 st , with a fee of $80 paper/$60 online. You must report the past year's claim or premium amount during the renewal process. Bond must be amended if claim amount is higher than previous renewal period. Attach bond riders or increases to the renewal, whether online or by paper, as needed. You must also report any new agreements.
  • MGAs renew every year by July 1 st . You must report the past year's claim amount during the renewal process. Bond must be amended if claim amount is higher than previous renewal period. Fee to renew is $80 paper/$60 online.
  • Title Agencies must renew every year by January 1 st , with a fee of $50. Your renewal paperwork will be sent to you. There is no online renewal service available at this time for title licenses. Renewal after January 1 st incurs a fee of $2 a day up to 30 days. After 30 days, Title Agencies must reapply .

Reinstatement Procedures

Upon your expiration date, you no longer have the option to renew your license electronically. Please go to the Reinstatement option on our web under ONLINE SERVICES and find the appropriate form and instructions for your license type.

Residents: Must complete 24 hrs of CE for every two year renewal period. A minimum of 3 credits out of the 24 must be in either law or ethics credits. You will want to be sure you have completed Flood or Long Term Care CE/training if you are selling either of these products. These credits may be used as part of the total of 24 hours of CE required. Please see our Bulletins regarding these requirements. If CE is completed after expiration, contact the renewal clerk to find out what the CE penalty fee will be and mail in copies of certificates along with your reinstatement fees. NOTE: If CE is not completed in the first 90 days past expiration, you will be required to retest, reapply and turn in 24 hours of CE with a fee of $80 to reinstate the license. This condition exists for up to 1 year past the expiration date. After 1 year, you must retest and reapply with a fee of $80.

ATTENTION: Once a license has lapsed, all appointments and registrations have lapsed and must be resubmitted electronically after the license is reinstated.


  • Resident producers must complete 24 hours of CE, with a minimum of 3 hours in either law or ethics. These hours are due at the time of renewal. The licensee may complete and submit the continuing education requirements late by paying an administrative penalty of $100.00 during the first 30 days of delinquency, $200.00 during the 31 st to 60 th day of delinquency and $300.00 during the 61 st through the 90 th day of delinquency. The license is suspended until the CE requirement has been satisfied. The completion date of any course, as defined by Idaho Rule 53, will determine which penalty will apply. After 90 days from the date of expiration, if CE has not been completed, the producer must reapply and retest as though a new agent and fulfill the CE requirement. The fee in this instance is $80. After the license has been expired for one year, there are no CE requirements. However, the producer must retest, fingerprint and reapply as though a new agent.
  • Idaho now requires long-term care training and CE for the sale of this product. See Bulletin 06-5 on our website for details.
  • Idaho now requires flood insurance training and CE for the sale of this product. See Bulletin 07-1 on our website for details.
  • CE Course Catalog is available on our website for a listing of providers and approved Idaho CE courses. See the CONTINUING EDUCATION heading under LICENSING SERVICES for more information and forms regarding CE in Idaho.
  • It is possible to look up the CE you have accumulated at any time by going to our CE course catalog and clicking on Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry. This is a service of Sircon and allows you to renew your license without having to input the CE information. This inquiry is a free service.
  • Exemptions for CE:
    • Business Entities
    • Non-resident Producers
    • Limited Lines/Credit Producers
    • Independent Adjusters
    • Surplus Lines


A license may be placed on inactive license status for purposes of maintaining a license in a suspended mode under certain conditions such as retirement or prolonged disability or illness. You must petition the department to have your license put in this status via a Request for Inactive License Status form from our website. A producer with a license in this status may not engage in any insurance activity , must continue to pay for renewals and must petition the department for reactivation by completing 20 hours of CE during the 12 months prior to reactivation OR retesting for each line of authority when ready to reactivate. Submit proof of CE or original exam scores with a Reactivation form.


If you are being deployed for military service, please notify the department to have your license put on military inactive status during the time of your deployment by using the Application for Military Inactive Status form. There is no renewal fee or CE due during the time of active military duty. Notify the depaArtment when you are ready to reactivate the license with the Application for Reactivation from Military Inactive Status form. The amount of CE and any fees required to reactivate will be assessed at the time of the next renewal.


  • Producers shall not act as an agent of an insurer unless they become an appointed agent of that insurer . An insurance producer who is not acting as an agent of the insurer is not required to become appointed.
  • Business entities are required to register at least one (1) Idaho-licensed producer who carries the lines of authority of the business.
  • You must process appointments electronically through NIPR or Compliance Express. Terminations of appointments can also be done through NIPR and Sircon. Registrations (associations) of agents to agencies and their terminations can be done online through Sircon. Idaho Department of Insurance will process any appointments or registrations received with initial paper applications for individuals or we will perform appointments and terminations where the electronic transaction has failed due to non-unique FEIN or other reasonable transaction failures. Only one registration is required of an agency license. It is optional to register other agents. Applicants may receive a license without submitting a company appointment or agency registration. Idaho does not charge a fee for online or paper transactions of appointment, termination or registration, however, there may be an online convenience fee by the agency performing the transaction. Appointments and registrations are perpetual until terminated or a license lapses. Confirmation of appointments and registrations can be viewed on the DOI website record of the individual, agency or company.
  • Insuring companies have 15 days from the date the producer submits a contract of business to appoint the producer to their license. Appointments and registrations can be backdated up to 15 days, but cannot predate licensure.

Termination of Appointment

If the termination is for cause , an explanation must be forwarded to the department. In serious cases, the Department may request supporting documents in order to determine if further action or investigation of the producer is warranted. Terminations can be backdated up to 30 days. Termination of appointment can be done via NIPR or Sircon's Compliance Express. Registration terminations can be done via Sircon's Compliance Express.


Attn: Licensing Section Email: Producer Licensing Section
Idaho Department of Insurance Web Site: www.doi.idaho.gov
700 W State St Fl 3 Phone: 208-334-4250
PO Box 83720 Fax: 208-334-4398
Boise , ID 83720-0043