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Surplus Lines License FAQs

Bulletin No. 07-4, Eligible Surplus Lines Insurers:

This bulletin is issued annually. Updates are available on this website under Laws/Rules/Bulletins. This bulletin pertains to the list of Eligible Surplus Lines Carriers , which is updated on a continual basis and is also maintained by the Surplus Line Association of Idaho (click Insurers for a current listing).

Title 41, Chapter 12, Idaho Code

Refer to Title 41, Chapter 12 of the Idaho Code for statutes regarding surplus lines and Idaho Rules: IDAPA 18.01.17 – Delegation of Responsibility, 18.01.18 – Open Lines for Export, and 18.01.65 - Surplus Lines Brokers. Links to above-referenced Code and Rules specific to surplus lines brokers are also easily accessed at the Surplus Line Association of Idaho website under Forms and Links. FAQs provide even more information for transacting surplus lines business in Idaho.

Idaho Surplus Line Association

A letter is sent to this association (SLA) notifying them of your licensure in surplus lines. They will contact you with important information regarding the duties/conditions of your license. All brokers must file an affidavit for each Idaho surplus line placement. Use either the SLA 101 form for paper filings, or you can file electronically with the Idaho Surplus Lines Association. File within 30 days of receipt of a policy. Verify the accuracy of your filing with the monthly statements the association sends you. Contact: carrie@idahosurplusline.org for your log-in and password.

Premium Tax  

Each calendar year, ending December 31st, the Surplus Lines Association will send the Department of Insurance each broker’s premium tax amount due. SLA will also notify you of the accumulated monthly annual premium volume and tax totals due. This amount must be submitted to the department on or before March 1st each year. A late penalty of $25.00 per day for each day of delinquency after April 1 will be assessed, based on the actual postmark date.

Idaho Diligent Search Report 

Pursuant to Idaho Code 41-1214(2), a surplus lines broker shall perform a diligent search of licensed insurers before procuring insurance through a surplus lines insurer. Additionally, pursuant to Idaho Code 41-1227, the broker shall keep in their office a full and true record of each surplus line coverage procured. The broker is to document their diligent search for at least three (3) admitted carriers in Idaho before writing coverage through a surplus lines carrier (see IDAPA Rule 18.01.18.) The broker’s documentation of the diligent search is subject to periodic audit by the Idaho Department of Insurance as provided for under Idaho Code 41-220. The diligent search requirement is waived if the risk is approved for export. You can identify those risks at www.idahosurplusline.org or Rule 18.01.18.

The License

  • This license is the property of the state of Idaho and is issued to the broker, who is responsible for it.
  • In the event this license is terminated, revoked, or suspended, it is your responsibility to return the license to this department immediately, pursuant to Idaho Code 41-1027.

Address Changes

  • Idaho Code 41-1009 states that all producers must inform the Department of Insurance within 30 days of any change of address. Visit our website for a change of address form to mail or fax to us, or you can submit the address change online. NOTE: If you have a State-to-State change of address, you must be licensed in the new domicile state before submitting this change of address to Idaho.

License Renewals

  • Licenses are issued for two (2) years. However, because a P&C license must be in place for a surplus lines license to be valid, both licenses must renew at the same time. At this time, there is no option to renew the surplus lines license online. You have an option to renew the P&C license online for $63 and then mail in the surplus lines license renewal form (under License Renewal by Mail) states that all producers must inform the License Renewal by Mail) with $80, or download both mail-in renewal forms and send with $160.
  • Your renewal fee must be received or postmarked prior to your expiration date to avoid paying a late fee.

Continuing Education Requirements

  • Resident producers must submit CE for their producer license
  • Surplus lines and non-resident licenses are exempt from CE

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