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Licensed Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractors List

License Number Organization Name Status More
FPSC-111 3D Fire & Life Safety Systems, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-106 Absolute Fire Protection, LLC Active [+]
FPSC-126 Accurate Fire Protection Solution Corp. DBA: Mattson Fire Sprinkler Active [+]
FPSC-054 Advanced Fire Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-029 Aero Automatic Sprinker Company Active [+]
FPSC-121 AFP Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-113 All Valley Fire Inspections & Services, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-070 Allied General Fire & Security, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-107 Alpine Fire Sprinklers, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-073 Alta Fire Protection Company Inactive [+]
FPSC-104 American Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-112 Aspen Fire Protection, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-089 Band Fire Protection Systems, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-005 Basic Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-022 Cascade Fire Protection Company Active [+]
FPSC-045 Cen-Cal Fire Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-024 Century Sprinkler Holding Corporation Inactive [+]
FPSC-039 Certified Fire Protection, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-027 Chaparral Fire Protection, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-023 Consolidated Fire Tech, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-109 Continental Fire Sprinkler Company Active [+]
FPSC-100 Curtis Firesprinkler Service, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-026 Delta Fire Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-019 Delta Fire Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-008 Delta Fire Systems, Inc. DBA: 3-D Fire Protection Active [+]
FPSC-123 Evans Plumbing, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-095 Extreme Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-068 F.E. Moran, Inc. Special Hazard Systems Inactive [+]
FPSC-016 Fire Control Sprinkler Systems Company, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-017 Fire Engineering Company, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-059 Fire Services of Idaho, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-120 Fire Sprinkler Services, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-033 Fire Systems West, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-038 FireGuard Engineering and Protection, LLC. Revoked [+]
FPSC-124 Fireline Sprinkler Corporation Active [+]
FPSC-055 Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-048 First Fire Protection, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-002 Gem State Fire Protection Active [+]
FPSC-072 Industrial Piping, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-009 Inland Empire Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-025 J.F. Ahern Company Active [+]
FPSC-044 JBL Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-015 J-Four Enterprises, Inc. dba Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection Active [+]
FPSC-013 JND Fire Sprinkler, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-119 Larson Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-117 Lawco Fire Protection, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-018 Mattson Fire Sprinkler, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-094 Mattson Fire Sprinkler, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-049 Micron Technology, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-122 Montana Fire Sprinklers, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-091 Norco Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-084 North Star Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-020 Omlid & Swinney Fire Protection and Security, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-118 Paradise Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-051 Patriot Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-034 Patriot Fire Protection, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-108 Phoenix Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-085 Preferred Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-097 Rapid Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-098 Rapid Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-116 Rock Creek Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-069 Sawtooth Fire Protection, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-105 Security Fire Protection Company, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-086 Shambaugh & Son, L.P. Active [+]
FPSC-007 Shilo Automatic Sprinklers, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-004 SimplexGrinnell, LP. Active [+]
FPSC-092 SimplexGrinnell, LP. Active [+]
FPSC-093 SimplexGrinnell, LP. Active [+]
FPSC-058 SL Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-125 Smith Fire Systems Management LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-114 State Fire DC Specialties Inactive [+]
FPSC-115 State Fire DC Specialties Active [+]
FPSC-057 Summit Fire Protection Company Active [+]
FPSC-065 Telgian Corporation Active [+]
FPSC-041 The Safety Team, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-080 Thorpe Fire Sprinkler Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-082 Traylor Plumbing and Mechanical Active [+]
FPSC-001 Treasure Valley Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-063 Tribal Fire Systems, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-021 United Fire Protection, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-096 Valley Fire Sprinkler, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-064 Vanguard Fire Protection Company, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-081 VFP Fire Systems, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-003 Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company Active [+]
FPSC-075 Westar Fire Protection, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-010 Western Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-006 Western States Fire Protection Company Active [+]
FPSC-014 Western States Fire Protection Company Active [+]
FPSC-032 Wiginton Fire Systems Active [+]
FPSC-066 Wilro Plumbers, LLC Active [+]
FPSC-079 Wolverine Fire Protection Company Active [+]
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