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Licensed Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractors List

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License Number Organization Name Status More
FPSC-023 Consolidated Fire Tech, LLC. Inactive [+]
FPSC-109 Continental Fire Sprinkler Company Active [+]
FPSC-100 Curtis Firesprinkler Service, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-026 Delta Fire Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-019 Delta Fire Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-008 Delta Fire Systems, Inc. DBA: 3-D Fire Protection Active [+]
FPSC-123 Evans Plumbing, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-095 Extreme Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-068 F.E. Moran, Inc. Special Hazard Systems Inactive [+]
FPSC-016 Fire Control Sprinkler Systems Company, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-017 Fire Engineering Company, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-059 Fire Services of Idaho, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-120 Fire Sprinkler Services, LLC. Active [+]
FPSC-033 Fire Systems West, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-038 FireGuard Engineering and Protection, LLC. Revoked [+]
FPSC-124 Fireline Sprinkler Corporation Active [+]
FPSC-055 Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-048 First Fire Protection, Inc. Inactive [+]
FPSC-002 Gem State Fire Protection Active [+]
FPSC-072 Industrial Piping, Inc. Active [+]
FPSC-009 Inland Empire Fire Protection, Inc. Active [+]
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