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Volunteer Spotlight

This week's volunteer spotlight shines on Marilyn Kurdy who is involved with the SHIBA program as Counselor.

Marilyn has a great background in the insurance industry. She has worked for an insurance company and is now working with an organization that helps people with Social Security Disability applications. Her connection with SHIBA happened when she was hired to be the Washington SHIBA coordinator for the WA/ID Volunteer Center.

Marilyn has helped many Medicare beneficiaries not only with enrollments into the Part D plans, but also with billing issues, enrollment issues and all that is Medicare. Her background in insurance gave her a particularly good advantage in the role as volunteer.

Many of the volunteers in Lewiston came to depend on Marilyn for accurate advise and information on their health care coverage through Medicare. Marilyn also recruited (amoung others) her husband to volunteer and as a couple they have been dynamic in their efforts to help the beneficiaries in their communities.

Marilyn worked with a beneficiary on a drug coverage issue with her plan. The lady had many questions and Marilyn either answered them or got the correct information for her. The outcome was that the lady understood her coverage better.

Watch this space for monthly changes to our Volunteer in the Spotlight. If you would like to nominate someone to be a volunteer in the spotlight, submit your nomination to your volunteer coordinator, giving the name of the volunteer and why you think he or she deserves to be in the spotlight.

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