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Volunteer Spotlight

This week's volunteer spotlight shines on Marcia Heaton who is involved with the SHIBA program as Counselor and Outreach.

Marcia became a SHIBA volunteer back in October of 2008. She uses her educated background and outgoing personality to work with beneficiaries in Clearwater, Lewis, and Idaho counties. She is very good with a computer and is very familiar with her community. Among other abilities, Marcia cans several vegetables and fruits--making jam and other canned goodies which she sells at the Farmer's Market.

Marcia has become a valuable volunteer and PC Possible site administrator. She has worked very hard to get the word out about our services and has recruited one person to volunteer alongside her in the Grangeville area. She uses her time at the Farmer's Market and other places and her well-established presence to talk to people and businesses about Medicare. She has been instrumental in setting up Enrollment Fairs for Part D during the Annual Election Period (AEP) and she helped organize a fraud/Medicare presentation. She handles the advertising in her area for all events working with the local radio station and the newspaper. She has also attended two Train-the-Trainer Workshops in Boise. She continues to work with local organizations to get a permanent counseling site set up.

Due to all of Marcia's work, client contacts have steadily increased in this area, meaning that more people in her area are getting the help they need. She has been able to help resolve a couple of cases where people got money back. She has also given the SHIBA name a good reputation in her area.

Marcia helped work a case where a beneficiary received a refund from a Part D plan for prescriptions during a time when the beneficiary had been disenrolled from her Part D plan due to several moves.

Watch this space for monthly changes to our Volunteer in the Spotlight. If you would like to nominate someone to be a volunteer in the spotlight, submit your nomination to your volunteer coordinator, giving the name of the volunteer and why you think he or she deserves to be in the spotlight.

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