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  • MCAS - Market Conduct Annual Statement Link to external website The Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) was developed with the input of state regulators and representatives from the insurance industry. It provides an analysis tool for certain key market data elements that help regulators allocate market analysis resources where they can be most effective.
  • Scorecards – Data call notifications are emailed to the companies according to NAIC established guidelines. Scorecards are produced each year to show the jurisdiction-wide ratio and the distribution of ratios for all companies filing an MCAS in a given jurisdiction. To view the most current available results, please refer to the NAIC website Link to external website under Participating Jurisdictions – Idaho and State Scorecards.
  • Company Review/Response - Complaint Reconciliation Application
  • Market Conduct Examinations


    October Nickel
    Sr. Market Analyst
    Idaho Department of Insurance
    700 W. State Street, 3rd Floor
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, Idaho 83720-0043
    (208) 334-4216

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