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The NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) program is a federal data base that collects fire incident data from individual states. The data sent to NFIRS is valuable because it can indicate trends in fire such as wildland fire or arson so that resources can be focused on prevention. It can highlight product safety concerns. It has made firefighting safer by improving personal protective equipment, and by improving fire ground operations and training.

For the individual fire departments, NFIRS provides valuable information about their needs for additional staffing and apparatus. It provides solid information about the department’s needs based on the data in NFIRS. NFIRS provides data to demonstrate the benefit that the community receives from its fire department. Data demonstrates the fire department’s importance to the overall safety of the community and to show how the fire department fulfills its mission.

The State NFIRS Program Coordinator, Nesha Pabst-Bohrer, can be contacted at 208-334-4372.


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NFIRS Coding List

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