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SHIBA is always seeking new volunteers who want to help others in their community. Like untangling a twisted wad of fishing line, unraveling Medicare can be complicated. SHIBA volunteer counselors and educators are trained to pull the knot apart, strand by strand until the end of the line becomes obvious.

As a SHIBA volunteer you'll gain valuable experience. You'll become an expert on Medicare health, hospitalization, prescription, and supplemental insurance. You'll also share in the gratification of providing invaluable guidance to people in your community.

SHIBA can help individuals compare their options, solve problems with their insurance, help with understanding medical bills, finding resources to reduce medical and prescription costs, and identifying and reporting fraud. The SHIBA program does not sell insurance or recommend companies or policies but provides unbiased information.

We want every Idahoan to have access to unbiased, free Medicare guidance.

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Have more questions? Contact us at 1-800-247-4422
SHIBA is a program provided by the Idaho Department Of Insurance With financial assistance through a grant from the Administration for Community Living (ACL). SHIBA Is Idaho's State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIP), a program that helps states enhance And support a network of local staff And volunteers to assist people with Medicare.
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